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SIROWA hotel

SIROWA Dental Clinic offers accommodation for its patients in a lovely recently opened hotel right near the clinic. The hotel offers the following facilities:


  • Five comfortable and cozy rooms, four of which are single rooms and one that is a double room
  • Nice kitchen available for breakfast
  • Chill out room with TV in which to rest
  • Common bathroom with a shower


We are proud that we can provide our patients with convenient accommodations facilities to make their trip easier and more pleasant.


Special offer for SIROWA Riga Dental clinic's patients


Karavella Hotel *** Superior offers - 20% discount on accommodation - full service and additional comfort  just across the street - 3 minutes walk from our clinic. To obtain a discount on hotel reservation, please contact our clinic's administration.

Hotel Karavella*** room types and rates for SIROWA Riga Clinic's patients

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