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Our materials

Sirowa Dental Clinic is in close cooperation with such producers of dental materials as Geistlich, Ustomed and Dentsply Friadent.

Geistlich is a world leader in the production of biomaterials. Geistlich Group has more than 100 years experience. Geistlich is providing our clinic with the following materials:

-   materials of natural bone replacement and regeneration
-   collagen membranes of regeneration of bone tissue

Ustomed is a world-class producers of dental instruments with over 160 years experience in the production of dental instruments. Ustomed instruments are designed and are constantly improved in cooperation with leading specialists from around the world and leaders of industry like Prof.G.H.Nentwig, Prof.Joseph, and Dr.Jan Kielhorn, etc.

Dentsply Friadent is providing us with sophisticated implants, bone augmentation products, tools of bone transplantation, titan membranes, and Sinus Lift instruments. Dentsply Friadent manufactures world’s top5 implant systems Xive and Ankylos which are used by most of key opinion leadersin Latvia and give high quality results in 99% of cases.


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